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[EN] The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City is a convergence process between movements from different cities in several european countries fighting for the respect of these fundamental rights. After having campaigned independently for years, those movements (groups and, social movements composed by tenants, slum/ self-built neighborhoods dwellers, squat residents, victims of inadequate housing, victims of eviction or affected by indebtedness, professionals and researchers) felt the need to gather in order to strengthen this fight to take common action and  common positions on European Housing issues.

[FR] La Coalition européenne d’action pour le droit au logement et à la ville est un processus de convergence entre des mouvements de différentes villes de plusieurs pays européens qui luttent pour le respect de ces droits fondamentaux. Après avoir milité indépendamment pendant des années, ces mouvements (groupes et, mouvements sociaux composés de locataires, d’habitants de bidonvilles/quartiers auto-construits, d’habitants de squats, de victimes de mal-logement, de victimes d’expulsion ou d’endettement, de professionnels et de chercheurs) ont ressenti le besoin de se rassembler afin de renforcer cette lutte pour prendre des actions et des positions communes sur les questions de logement en Europe.

PAH International Commission

The PAH is a citizen’s movement focused on the right to housing. It was created in Februar ...

Pleistiriasmoi Stop [Stop Auctions]

We are a network existing from 2013 and working on supporting the indebted people not o lo ...

Pravo na grad [Right to the city]

Pravo na grad (Right to the City) is an organisation engaged in advocacy and public campai ...

Radical Housing Network

Radical Housing Network is made up of groups fighting for housing justice, based in London ...

Sdílené domy [Shared houses]

Shared Houses is a network of houses providing its residents affordable and community‑base ...

Syndicat des immenses

The Syndicat des immenses is a pressure and action group, not a speaking group. Just as th ...

Wake Up Houses

Czech Republic
We fight for the right to city in Ostrava

Wielkopolskie Stowarzyszenie Lokatorów [Wielkopolska Tenants]

Wielkopolskie Tenants Association was founded 16 December 2011 . On the initiative of acti ...

ZA Krov nad glavom [The Roof]

Združena akcija ‘Krov nad glavom’ (eng. Common Action for “The Roof Over Our H ...

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