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European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City

The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City is a convergence process between movements from different cities in several european countries fighting for the respect of these fundamental rights. After having campaigned independently for years, those movements (groups and, social movements composed by tenants, slum/ self-built neighborhoods dwellers, squat residents, victims of inadequate housing, victims of eviction or affected by indebtedness, professionals and researchers) felt the need to gather in order to strengthen this fight to take common action and  common positions on European Housing issues. Read More

HAD 2023

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United against the attacks on squats, tenants and our solidarity structures!

Criminalization of housing struggles in Euro...

Dec 01, 2022
All over the World, the criminalization of solidarity and structures that oppose the cannibalistic capitalist syste ...
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Spain: legal victory against vulture fund Az...

Jan 25, 2023
First lawsuit won against a Vulture Fund due to abusive clauses in renting contracts! For the first time, a spanish ...
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Housing Actions – December 2022

Jan 15, 2023
The winter months are particularly difficult for those facing housing problems. Homeless people are even more vulne ...
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Welcome to Athens

Transnational Meeting of Grassroots Collecti...

Jan 06, 2023
The European Action Coalition for the rights to housing and to the city (EAC) organized its second meeting in 2022 ...
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Lisbon referendum for housing & against...

Dec 30, 2022
Portugal: On december 17, Movimento Referendo pela Habitação (MRH) — Referendum for Housing — launched its signatur ...
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