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Prices Rise, People Arise — How Housing Movements Reacted to the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Posted by European Action Coalition on 2 April 2024

In 2022, the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to The City (EAC) members, united by a common concern about rising energy prices and the cost of living, took a collective stand. Recognizing that this current turbulence was exacerbating the housing affordability crisis, the EAC’s research group initiated a questionnaire. Our militant research aimed to gather information beyond the official discourse, including testimonies from the ground and the actions of grassroots groups. The goal was to foster understanding and knowledge exchange among grassroots movements, primarily those fighting for the right to housing and the city and, secondarily, against the rising cost of living.

This brochure, a product of our internal research, is not just a tool for education but a catalyst for future struggles. Its aim is threefold. Firstly, to empower people active in grassroots movements with radical knowledge rooted in social tissue. Secondly, to provide a clear picture of what is happening in different European contexts to our active members. Finally, to facilitate an exchange of ideas for action between movements and dispel information about what has happened between 2022 and today regarding struggles.


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