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Housing Action Days: we are the neighbours!

Posted by European Action Coalition on 26 March 2024

WEBINAR: Housing Action Days – we are the neighbours!

⏰ Thursday 28/03/2024, 7PM CET

🎥🔗 zoom link 👉 here

Tactics and actions from housing and climate movements across Europe

We are the neighbours! We organize and mobilize together!

Rising rents, illegal mortgages, soaring energy and food costs – these are just some of the major trends that have worsened across Europe in the last year.

Thousands of us have responded by taking to the streets to voice our discontent. In the past years, our movements have organised collective resistance and generated ideas and solutions for a more just and inclusive city, for equal rights and access to affordable and ecological housing.

We are the neighbours  (👉 Housing Action day ) is a campaign of the EAC, trying to build a collective identity of people organizing on housing beyond borders. Yet, there can be no housing justice without social and economic equality, and without immediate radical action to tackle the climate crisis. In this webinar, our comrades from housing and climate movements will share the floor and speak about their experiences of common mobilizing over the last few years, involving a wide range of actions: demonstrations, anti-eviction pickets, occupations, squatting, performances etc.

We are joined by:

Each guest will have 10-15 minutes for their presentation.

🎥🔗 zoom link 👉 here

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