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[EN] The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City is a convergence process between movements from different cities in several european countries fighting for the respect of these fundamental rights. After having campaigned independently for years, those movements (groups and, social movements composed by tenants, slum/ self-built neighborhoods dwellers, squat residents, victims of inadequate housing, victims of eviction or affected by indebtedness, professionals and researchers) felt the need to gather in order to strengthen this fight to take common action and  common positions on European Housing issues.

[FR] La Coalition européenne d’action pour le droit au logement et à la ville est un processus de convergence entre des mouvements de différentes villes de plusieurs pays européens qui luttent pour le respect de ces droits fondamentaux. Après avoir milité indépendamment pendant des années, ces mouvements (groupes et, mouvements sociaux composés de locataires, d’habitants de bidonvilles/quartiers auto-construits, d’habitants de squats, de victimes de mal-logement, de victimes d’expulsion ou d’endettement, de professionnels et de chercheurs) ont ressenti le besoin de se rassembler afin de renforcer cette lutte pour prendre des actions et des positions communes sur les questions de logement en Europe.

Iniciativa nájemníků a nájemnic [Tenants’ and women tenants’ initiative]

We are students and workers, women and men, married and single, parents and childless, tro ...

Just Space

Mutual-support network of activist and community organisations, supporting each other enga ...

Ko Gradi Grad [Who Builds the City]

The Who Builds the City (Ko gradi grad) platform has been initiated in Belgrade in 2010. I ...

Le Silure

Le Silure was first opened in 2017 by various collectives (collectif autonome D, collectif ...

Living Rent

Living Rent is Scotland’s tenants’ union. We are a democratic organisation run by and for ...

London Renters Union

London Renters Union is a member led campaigning union for renters, people who are homeles ...

Mieter:innengewerkschaft / Tenants Union Berlin

At the end of 2019, single activists from the Mietenwahnsinn alliance came together to tak ...

Ministarstvo Prostora [Ministry of Space]

Ministarstvo prostora (Ministry of Space) conducts research and analyses, develops policie ...

Ort Till Ort

Ort till ort (English: Place to place/Hood to hood) is mainly based in Stockholm, Sweden, ...

PAH – Plataforma de Afectadas por la Hipoteca

The PAH is a citizen’s movement focused on the right to housing. It was created in Februar ...

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