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Cyprus now

Mar 10, 2020
The fight against namk's power in Cyprus' housing movemente.
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Habita! The housing struggles in Lisbon

Mar 07, 2020
The struggle for housing in the Portuguese capital.
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Airbnb and Co. drive us out of our neighborh...

Fév 28, 2020
The struggle against short term rental in France.
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Repression and criminalization of the housin...

Fév 20, 2020
From European Action Coalition Bullettin n. 4 01/2020 On a morning of a cold autumn day in 2017 a group of neighbor [plus]
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Fév 13, 2020
A contribution from Scotland on the importance of the struggle for rent controls.
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“Affordable housing” and “social housing”: n...

Nov 16, 2019
The InvestEU program is a new step in the continuous process of housing financialization, consisting in the financi [plus]
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