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MIPIM: finance capital vs. grassroots resistance!

Posted by European Action Coalition on 9 February 2024

Webinar: How finance capital transforms our cities and how we fight it!

🎥 You can watch the webinar 🔗 here!

Next month, from 11 to 15th of March the infamous real estate fair “MIPIM” (international market for real estate professionals) will take place in Cannes for the 35th time.

The announced stars on the red carpet of the so-called ‘Global Urban Festival’ will be Blackstone, Amundi, Vonovia and many other well-known celebrities, financial and real estate actors.

As well as our democratically elected representatives: local authorities, mayors, councillors, public administration officials from over 100 European cities!

In the webinar we will discuss:

  • What is MIPIM about?
  • Who are the key players involved?
  • How are real estate and financial markets transforming our cities?
  • What are the transnational struggles against the “urban financial empire”?

Participants :

Antoine Guironnet, author of Au marché des métropoles (In the metropolis market), an extensive study on the MIPIM and its participants and L’empire urbain de la finance (The urban Finance empire) — His work focuses on the financialisation of urban capitalism, which he approaches from an urban political economy perspective.

Stefano Portelli, a researcher in the field of urban studies, who focuses on gentrification, enclosures, financialisation of real estate in Italy, etc. He is part of different grassroots collectives in Rome, Italy.

Grassroots collectives from all over Europe (Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, France, Greece, Portugal, etc.) fighting against big financial actors, large-scale urban regeneration projects, and more!

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