Documentary on social housing in containers by the Poznan group. Container housing projects explicitly show that the value of a human is their economic precondition. Low socio-economic status of a person is a primary criteria and justification for instruments of exclusion, simultaneously being the determinant for implementation of a housing sub-standard. Derogatory conditions and spatial isolation are the only offer local authorities are capable of spelling out in response to social housing insufficiencies in Poland. This is the voice of class hatred obscuring self-defensive, critical stance expressed by inhabitants of containers. Collective knowledge gathering, self-organising and apprehension of the fact that container ghetto"e;s problem may soon affect many people are the first steps towards popular resistance against container housing

The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City organizes an international protest against the huge speculation prepared in the biggest real estate fair of investors and large landowners in Cannes. Housing and city right groups from diverse places in Europe like Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Geneve, Istanbul, Padova, Lisbon, Milano, Rotterdam, London, Rhine-Ruhr-Metropolis, Wallonie, and diferent cities from France will be present denouncing speculation. Each delegate will present a plea alleging violation of investors and the financial world attending MIPIM , as well as the impact on people's lives and the privatization of the city, choosing the most egregious and ongoing cases in their own country.

Blackstone, the world's largest real estate private equity fund bought part of Catalunya Bank, a Spanish financial institution that received 12 billion euros ($15.4 billion) of taxpayers' money as a bail out. Blackstone buys non-performing loans at huge discounts but these loans are actually families, families who have lost their jobs and are now about to be evicted from their homes. Everyday citizens receive no aid or solutions to social problems while global financial billionaires profit from bailed out banks. For PAH activists this is abusive and unjust to all citizens. These homes belong to people not to financial profiteers. Foreclosures and evictions are rapidly escalating in Spain under Blackstone's pressure, but the PAH has a message: this is a global fight for the right to housing, we won't stop, and we will win. Si Se Puede

Apollo House Occupation Home Sweet Home | Dublin

On December 15th 2016 a group of concerned citizens occupied Apollo House, an unused NAMA owned building in Dublin's city centre.

Channels and patterns of investment in the Hungarian housing market

the financialization of housing in Hungary

solidarity action In Nicosia

the 28th of February was a solidrity day of action answering the solidarity call from PAH.



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Brochure MIPIM
Brochure with diferent cases presented about the consequences of Urban projects in the logic of real estate capitalism developed by MIPIM