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All on strike on 8 March!

6 March 2023
We will all join the strike on the 8th of March and struggle everyday! We want a conception of our private and pub ...
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Housing Actions – February 2023

4 March 2023
Evictions, high rents and living costs, risks of homelessness, financialization … so many reasons to fight. In Febr ...
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Lisbon: Demonstration for a “Just Life”

2 March 2023
On Saturday 25 February, thousands of people of Lisbon took to the streets for a just life. Our member group 👉 Habi ...
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[Report] Housing Action Day 2022

23 February 2023
Housing Action Days 2023 are starting a month from now, on March 24th. A good moment to have a look at last year's ...
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Housing Actions – January 2023

21 February 2023
The European Action Coalition for the right to housing and to the city started the year expressing the following wi ...
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Against the MIPIM and its world!

15 February 2023
Let's mobilize against the factories of speculation and the housing crisis / All to CANNES on the 14th of March! ...
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#stopMIPIM Action!

15 February 2023
Call to Action: Confront your local authorities and denounce their participation to the MIPIM – the real estate fai ...
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Spain: legal victory against vulture fund Az...

25 January 2023
First lawsuit won against a Vulture Fund due to abusive clauses in renting contracts! For the first time, a spanish ...
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Housing Actions – December 2022

15 January 2023
The winter months are particularly difficult for those facing housing problems. Homeless people are even more vulne ...
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Welcome to Athens

[Report] Athens / November 2022 / Transnatio...

6 January 2023
The European Action Coalition for the rights to housing and to the city (EAC) organized its second meeting in 2022 ...
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Lisbon referendum for housing & against...

30 December 2022
Portugal: On december 17, Movimento Referendo pela Habitação (MRH) — Referendum for Housing — launched its signatur ...
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Housing Actions – November 2022

8 December 2022
Housing rights are increasingly attacked across Europe. The pandemic, the energy crisis, the war and the militariza ...
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