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CATU Ireland is a community union set up for and by tenants, mortgage holders and those living in precarious living situations. We believe in direct action, community democracy and organising as tools to build our collective power and voice. These are the core principles of the union. We are a grassroots organisation that is unaffiliated with any political party in Ireland, we organise across the island of Ireland, and alongside other affected community groups such as those living in direct provision and trans and queer organisations, as well as many more.

Our recent summer school exchange with comrades from across England, Spain and Scotland has only highlighted the importance of learning from and fighting alongside those involved in this struggle elsewhere. We found that we have been experiencing similar symptoms of the same crisis affecting us all, and were able to draw from each other’s actions in order to inform our future organising. We wish to join the EAC in order to widen our network of organisations so as to be able to learn from as diverse a plurality of approaches as possible, and create bonds of solidarity with others looking to fight and learn alongside each other.

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