Launching of a new campaign #HandsOffOurHomes

Against the power of finance in housing and in cities. We decided to have a broad-based campaign that talks about the many forms of financialisation, and gave a lot of scope for member groups to push on their own issues. This is an awareness-raising campaign that included local struggles. We define financialization of housing as the complete transformation of housing into goods, not only a commodity in the real estate markets, but also in the financial markets. This transformation allows specul...

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Greece: Hands off the squats - Call for a gathering and international action day on June 23rd

During the last month we witnessed the state escalating itsanti-immigration policy of restrictions against refugees and thesolidarity movement. In Addition to the EU management of migrationissues which include forcing people to live in horrible conditions,deporting them and denying them their  basic human rights, the Greekgovernment is revealing its totalitarian face by demonstrating itsrepression power through evicting political and housing squats forrefugees.In the last days new informati...

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Fatal fire in LONDON: it is always the same ones who die in fires! Solidarity Rally!!

  Droit Au Logement - DAL (Right to Housing), union of badly housed, homeless and tenants in France shares its sadness, solidarity and anger after the murderous fire that has claimed tens of victims.Sadness because the death toll is tragic, and once again the low-income tenants are the first victims in this fire,Solidarity since the survivors of fatal fires in France have always had to fight to obtain a decent rehousing, a fair trial and fair compensation,Anger because the te...

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