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Contemporary housing struggles in Budapest, Bucharest and beyond

Posted by European Action Coalition on 17 June 2022

On the 21st of June, we invite you to the presentation of the new book “Contemporary Housing Struggles. A Structural Field of Contention Approach”, by Ioana Florea, Agnes Gagyi and Kerstin Jacobsson.

“Contemporary Housing Struggles” is a study on housing movements and policies in Budapest and Bucharest. It also analyses the work of some of the European Action Coalition’s member groups. It highlights how housing policies and political parties in power may influence housing movements, and how housing movements can be surprisingly plural and diverse. We will have the opportunity to explore with two of the authors questions related to activists’ involvement in housing movements, how housing policies can be or not supported, and how the different political contexts may influence movements for the right to housing.

This online event, organised by the EAC, will also be an opportunity for a larger european discussion between researchers and activists.

The presentation and debate will be streamed on our facebook page, but you can also participate directly on zoom:

We hope to meet you online!

You can download the book for free here:

fb event:

Get prepared for the debate, check our recommended reads!

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