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“Habitação Hoje” translates into Housing, Today!, as we think of it in two ways, the pressing matter of housing conditions and accessibility in our cities and how they affect working class people everyday and what’s the history and what are the policies right now and how they are not designed to solve the problem.

Habitação Hoje! is an organization that was born in the city of Oporto for those who defend the radical fulfillment of the Right to Housing, for those who want to fight so that nobody becomes homeless and for those who believe that it is possible to solve this problem!
We know that collective organization is the only way to revert the problems created throughout so many years and for that reason we work, and we want to work, in more and more fronts; in solidarity with those who are farther away from seeing this right fulfilled; in the struggle in the streets with other movements that defend the Right to the City, and in the analysis of the mechanisms and multiple laws that cover up the problems with false hopes and that always affect the lower classes.

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