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EAC Meeting / Cluj / 27.4 > 2.5

Posted by European Action Coalition on 21 April 2023

[Romana ­čĹç­čĹç­čĹç] The next meeting of the European Action Coalition for the right to housing and to the city (EAC) is taking in Cluj, Romania from Thursday the 27th of April to Tuesday 2nd of May 2023┬á

Hope to see you there!

Following the very inspiring Athens‘ meeting last November, and the massive Housing Action Days 2023, EAC’s membergroups will gather again to discuss strategies, exchange skills, reflect on past actions and make plans for the future. Many collectives and individuals from local movements will join. As EAC members, we’d like to open a space of exchange and organise beyond our Coalition. We believe that the Romanian housing movement has always been important and influential to our network both through active participation in our research work and the organisation of our structure. RomaniaÔÇÖs political and social contexts have greatly contributed to our understanding of the European housing crisis and the ways we wish to end it. The East European perspective is essential to build transnational movements, also due to its position in the recent geopolitical crisis.
This is why we invite local and regional movements, and not only those struggling for the rights to housing and to the city, but all who are involved in related intersectional struggles, be it anti-racist, feminist, queer, labour, environmental etc. Let us unite our struggles beyond borders!
If you are interested in joining our meeting please write an email to [email protected].
To see a summary of the Athens meeting please visit:┬á…/

All events are in Romanian and English

See here the public program of the meeting:

Friday 28th of April

Discussion: Lost in urban regeneration: how do we organise against gentrification in European cities?

  • 18.00 – 20.00 Public event I / Location: Tranzit House

The phenomena of capitalist restructuring of our cities and the commodification of housing is affecting us all over Europe. While the local conditions are very different our struggles are connecting us beyond borders. In this event, comrades from multiple cities will explain how gentrification or so-called urban regeneration affects housing affordability in their cities, what is lost as a result of these processes and who benefits from them, how the built environment is altered alongside the social structure of the inhabitants, how public authorities collaborate with real estate capital in these processes, and how activist groups respond to these phenomena. They will therefore also present their approaches of organizing and fighting back, reflecting the social and political conditions in their geographies. We will learn how our resistance has an impact on actual politics and how it empowers us in our movement from the actual dystopia to another world.

Speakers: C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM/Social Housing Now (Cluj), Bond Precaire Woonvormen (Netherlands), Stop Evictions Viena, DAL (France), Habita (Lisbon), Habitacao Hoje (Porto), Ort till Ort (Sweden), United Initiative against Auctions (Athens) – Moderator: Oana Pop



  • Later / Location Acasa Razboieni str.

Saturday 29th of April

Open discussions

  • 14:00 – 17:00 / Location: Tranzit House
  1. Housing Action Days (HAD)
    The HAD was initiated by the EAC four years ago. In 2023, more than 120 actions took place in 60 different cities in that frame. We will make a feedback of 2023 edition, and plan an even bigger HAD 2024. 
  2. Alternative housing
    Practical approaches of cooperative housing offer direct solutions or at least the prospect to escape the pressure of the housing market. In this open exchange we get together and discuss the different existing approaches and how we can strengthen them.
  3. Open discussion


Book launch: How do we fight against evictions? (with simultaneous translation)

  • 18.00 – 20.00 Public event II / Location: Tranzit house

In May and June 2022 Căși sociale ACUM from Cluj organized a series of workshops on the struggle against evictions. They invited different collectives from Romania and all over Europe and out of those 12 events a brochure was created. Tonight this handbook will be launched and comrades who contributed to it, will share in dense roundups their insights. Join this world premiere.

Speakers from the authors/cities involved in the production of the book: Blocul Pentru Locuire Rom├ónia (C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM, FCDL, Dreptul la Ora╚Ö, ERomnja, RomaJust), Anti eviction Berlin, Sindicat de Llogateres Barcelona, Habita/Lisbon, The Roof/ Belgrade, A V├íros Mindenki├ę/Budapest – Moderator: N├│ra Ugron┬á

Sunday 30th of April


  • 10:30 – 13:00 / Location: Tranzit House

1/Tenants’ unions group – workshop

The EAC working group of tenantsÔÇÖ unions will meet to discuss the latest experiences in local organising and to define their future exchanges and collaborations. Meet comrades from all over Europe and get to know their collectives.

2/End homelessness group – workshop

In the last EAC meeting, a new working group to ÔÇśend homelessnessÔÇÖ was created. In this workshop, we will discuss future strategies having in mind the EUÔÇÖs proclamation to end homelessness 2030 and the European Parliament elections next year.



  • 14:00 – 17:00 / Location: Tranzit House

3/ Feminist manifesto 

As EAC, we tried to illustrate the importance of feminist issues and struggles in the housing and city-rights movements in our text written in the occasion of the 8th of March this year. In this workshop we will discuss strategies how to deepen the visibility of that aspects in our daily struggles.

4/ Housing and Climate justice 

Comrades from the Climate Justice movement have invited members to many discussions on how to converge our movements. The potentials, as well as the differences, are obvious. In this workshop we will speak of local experiences and try to develop ideas for concrete future steps.

5/ Public and social housing

 In the recent past, EAC has had several initiatives regarding public and social housing as a non-profit alternative to the market-dominated housing regime subordinated to the interests of  capital accumulation. In March 2019, in Cluj, several coalition groups launched the European Manifesto for Public Housing, presented in a public meeting. In 2021, EAC produced and promoted a series of videos on the history, present and future of social housing in Europe. It is time to rethink this claim.


Film screening and discussion about the Anti-racist housing justice struggle ÔÇśDislocations – Eviction routes to Cantonului street (1996-2016)ÔÇÖ

  • 18.00 – 20.00 Public event III /Location: Tranzit House

ÔÇśDislocationsÔÇÖ illustrates how post-socialist politics resulted in the dispossession from their housing rights of the impoverished people from Cluj-Napoca, including ethnic Roma. Before 1990, they belonged to the working class. In the context of the formation of capitalism in Romania, they were affected by a process of precarization, both in the world of labor and housing.
Ionica, Leontina, Babi, Sandu, Ligia, Katalin and Gelu help us mapping how their successive dislocations happened in time and space between 1996-2016 in the city of Cluj, ending into their settlement on Cantonului street, without number. Embodied in their personal histories, the national politics of housing marked by privatization, commodification, financialization and the dramatic reduction of the social housing stock was re-enforced by the local policies of allocating public housing. As a result of the latter, the municipality selected the categories of people envisioned to deserve living in the city, while pushing impoverished ethnic Roma into housing conditions characterized by insecurity and severe material deprivation. The area where they are tolerated will not gain real estate value as it is part of Pata Rat, a territory nearby the cityÔÇÖs landfill that nowadays hosts approximately 1500 persons subjected to ghettoization.

Speakers: Maria Stoica, Linda Greta, Enik┼Ĺ Vincze (C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM!), Nicoleta Vi╚Öan (FCDL), Eugen Ghi╚Ť─â (RomaJust) – Moderator: George Zamfir

Monday 1st of May

Open assembly

  • 10:00 – 13:00 / Location: Tranzit House

In this final assemly we will gather short feedbacks from the workshops and working group sessions on Saturday and Sunday and collectively take decisions on what we will do the next 6 months. We will transfer the energy of our meeting to the online world.


Crossborder solidarity for housing and labour without exploaition: celebrating the internationalism of 1st of May

  • 14:00 – 18:00

ÔŁŚWe believe in the power of transnational solidarity! We affirm that labour and housing rights must be won together to ensure adequate living for all. Because precarious and low-paid labor limits our access to adequate housing. Because lack of adequate housing puts our workforce at risk. The exploitation of working class labour must end along with the extraction of profit from their need for housing. International Labour Day reminds us, that our local struggles must unite in an international struggle for a society free from exploitation and dispossession.ÔŁŚ

Detailed program : 

> 14.00-15.30 / Assembly and speeches in Piata Unirii
Speeches of EAC members + launching of a local newspaper for housing justice :  Cărămida #19

> 16.30-18.00 / Community picnic in the Central Park
(come with your food basket)

We want to thank Coop, Acas─â, Casa Tranzit.

We also would like to thank Căși Sociale ACUM (Social Housing NOW) who co-organised with us.

This event is supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Belgrade office.

[RO] ├Änt├ólnirea transna╚Ťional─â a mi╚Öc─ârilor pentru dreptate locativ─â

Urm─âtoarea ├«nt├ólnire a Coali╚Ťiei Europene de Ac╚Ťiune pentru Dreptul la Locuire ╚Öi la Ora╚Ö (EAC) va avea loc la Cluj-Napoca, Rom├ónia, de joi, 27 aprilie, p├ón─â luni, 1 mai 2023. Save the date!

Dup─â ├«nt├ólnirea noastr─â super inspirant─â de la Atena din noiembrie anul trecut ╚Öi dup─â Zilele de Ac╚Ťiune pentru Locuire 2023, grupurile membre ale EAC se vor ├«nt├ólni la Cluj pentru a discuta strategii, a face schimb de cuno╚Ötin╚Ťe, a reflecta asupra ac╚Ťiunilor din trecut ╚Öi a face planuri pentru viitor. Ne dorim ca multe colective ╚Öi persoane din mi╚Öc─ârile locale s─â ni se al─âture acolo. Ne-ar pl─âcea s─â deschidem un spa╚Ťiu de schimb ╚Öi s─â ne organiz─âm dincolo de Coali╚Ťia noastr─â. Mi╚Öcarea pentru locuire din Rom├ónia a avut ├«ntotdeauna o influen╚Ť─â important─â ├«n re╚Ťeaua noastr─â, at├ót prin participarea activ─â la activitatea de cercetare derulat─â ├«n cadrul coali╚Ťiei, c├ót ╚Öi la organizarea structurii acesteia. Contextele politice ╚Öi sociale din Rom├ónia au contribuit ├«n mare m─âsur─â la ├«n╚Ťelegerea crizei europene a locuirii ╚Öi la definirea modalit─â╚Ťilor prin care dorim s─â punem cap─ât acesteia. Perspectiva est-european─â este esen╚Ťial─â pentru a construi mi╚Öc─âri transna╚Ťionale, inclusiv datorit─â pozi╚Ťiei sale ├«n recenta criz─â geopolitic─â.

Acesta este motivul pentru care invit─âm mi╚Öc─ârile locale ╚Öi regionale, ╚Öi nu doar cele care lupt─â pentru dreptul la locuin╚Ť─â ╚Öi la ora╚Ö, ci pe to╚Ťi cei care sunt implica╚Ťi ├«n lupte intersec╚Ťionale conexe, fie c─â este vorba de lupte antirasiste, feministe, queer, muncitore╚Öti, de mediu sau altele. Haide╚Ťi s─â ne unim luptele dincolo de grani╚Ťe!

Dac─â sunte╚Ťi interesa╚Ťi ╚Öi interesate s─â v─â al─âtura╚Ťi ├«nt├ólnirii noastre, v─â rug─âm s─â scrie╚Ťi un e-mail la [email protected].
Pentru a vedea un rezumat al reuniunii de la Atena, vizita╚Ťi pagina de internet a coali╚Ťiei:┬á…/

Vezi aici programul public:

Vineri 28 aprilie

Discu╚Ťie – Pierdu╚Ťi ├«n regenerarea urban─â: cum ne organiz─âm ├«mpotriva gentrific─ârii ├«n ora╚Öele europene?

  • 18.00 – 20.00 / Eveniment public (1) / Loca╚Ťie: Casa Tranzit

Fenomenul restructur─ârii capitaliste a ora╚Öelor noastre ╚Öi al comodific─ârii ╚Öi financializ─ârii locuirii ne afecteaz─â ├«n toat─â Europa. De╚Öi condi╚Ťiile locale sunt foarte diferite, luptele noastre ne conecteaz─â dincolo de grani╚Ťe. ├Än cadrul acestui eveniment, tovar─â╚Öi din mai multe ora╚Öe vor expune modul ├«n care gentrificarea sau a╚Öa-numita regenerare urban─â afecteaz─â accesibilitatea locuin╚Ťelor ├«n ora╚Öele lor, vor discuta despre ce se pierde prin aceste procese ╚Öi cine beneficiaz─â de pe urma lor, cum se transform─â mediul construit, al─âturi de structura social─â a locuitorilor, cum colaboreaz─â autorit─â╚Ťile publice cu capitalul imobiliar ├«n aceste procese ╚Öi cum r─âspund grupurile de activi╚Öti la aceste fenomene. Invita╚Ťii no╚Ötri vor prezenta abord─ârile ╚Öi riposta organiza╚Ťiilor din care fac parte ├«n diverse ora╚Öe europene, reflect├ónd asupra condi╚Ťiilor sociale ╚Öi politice ale capitalismului ├«n varii geografii dar ╚Öi asupra trendurilor globale ale acestuia. Vom ├«nv─â╚Ťa despre impactul rezisten╚Ťei noastre asupra politicului ╚Öi despre cum ne putem ├«mputernici lupta pentru a dep─â╚Öi distopiile urbane actuale c─âtre alte lumi posibile.

Vorbitori ╚Öi vorbitoare din partea: C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM! Cluj, Bond Precaire Woonvormen/ Amsterdam, Stop Evictions Viena, DAL Paris, Habita Lisabona, Habitacao Hoje Porto, Community Action Tenants Union (CATU) Irlanda, Ort till Ort Suedia, United Initiative/Atena – Moderatoare: Oana Pop

Sâmbătă 29 aprilie


  • 14:00 – 17:00 / Evenimente deschise / Loca╚Ťie: Casa Tranzit
  1. Zilele de Ac╚Ťiune Pentru Locuire (HAD)HAD a fost ini╚Ťiat─â de c─âtre EAC ├«n urm─â cu patru ani. ├Än 2023, peste 120 de ac╚Ťiuni au avut loc ├«n 60 de ora╚Öe diferite ├«n acest cadru. Vom face un feedback al edi╚Ťiei 2023 ╚Öi vom planifica un HAD 2024 ╚Öi mai mare.
  2. Alternative: Locuin╚Ťe cooperativiste / HALEM?/ …Abord─ârile practice privind locuirea cooperativist─â ofer─â solu╚Ťii directe sau cel pu╚Ťin perspectiva de a sc─âpa de presiunea pie╚Ťei imobiliare. ├Än cadrul acestui schimb de idei discut─âm despre diferitele abord─âri existente ╚Öi despre modul ├«n care le putem consolida.
  3. Alegeri UE 2024Alegerile pentru Parlamentul European din 2024 ne-ar putea oferi oportunit─â╚Ťi de a interveni ca EAC pentru a ne expune revendic─ârile privind locuirea. ├Än cadrul acestui atelier vom discuta pozi╚Ťiile noastre ca mi╚Öc─âri neparlamentare ╚Öi vom formula idei pentru posibile interven╚Ťii.
  4. Discu╚Ťie deschis─â


Lansare de carte – Cum lupt─âm ├«mpotriva evacu─ârilor?

  • 18.00 – 20.00 / Eveniment public (2) / Loca╚Ťie: Str: Casa Tranzit

├Än mai ╚Öi iunie 2022, C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM! din Cluj a organizat o serie de ateliere de lucru pe tema luptei ├«mpotriva evacu─ârilor. Au invitat diferite colective din Rom├ónia ╚Öi din ├«ntreaga Europ─â, iar din cele 12 evenimente a rezultat Manualul de tactici de rezisten╚Ť─â ├«mpotriva evacu─ârilor. ├Än aceast─â sear─â vom lansa traducerea englez─â a manualului, iar tovar─â╚Öii care au contribuit la el, vor ├«mp─ârt─â╚Öi cunoa╚Öterea ╚Öi experien╚Ťele lor activiste cu publicul interesat. Participa╚Ťi la aceast─â premier─â mondial─â.

Vor participa autori implica╚Ťi ├«n realizarea c─âr╚Ťii sau persoane din ora╚Öele incluse ├«n manual: Blocul Pentru Locuirea Rom├óniei (C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM, FCDL, Dreptul la Ora╚Ö, ERomnja, RomaJust), Antieviction Berlin, Sindicat de Llogaretes Barcelona, Habita/ Lisabona, The Roof/ Belgrad, A V├íros Mindenki├ę/Budapesta – Moderatoare: N├│ra Ugron.

Duminic─â, 30 aprilie

Diminea╚Ťa: ateliere de lucru deschise publicului

  • 10:30 – 13:00 / Loca╚Ťie: Casa Tranzit

1. Cafeneaua de lucru a grupului de cercetare
Grupul de cercetare EAC a elaborat lunile trecute un chestionar privind leg─âturile dintre criza locuirii ╚Öi cea a pie╚Ťei energetice. ├Än acest work-caf├ę vom ├«ncerca s─â r─âspundem la ├«ntreb─ârile acestuia pentru a preg─âti urm─âtorii pa╚Öi ai acestui demers.

2. Cafeneaua de lucru a grupului anti-evacuare
EAC dore╚Öte s─â adune bro╚Öuri anti-evacuare ╚Öi alte manuale existente care ar ajuta luptele chiria╚Öilor din diferite zone geografice ca surs─â de inspira╚Ťie. Aduce╚Ťi exemplele pe care le cunoa╚Öte╚Ťi ╚Öi vom planifica cum s─â le prezent─âm ╚Öi s─â le arhiv─âm.

3. Atelier de lucru pentru uniunea chiriașilor
Grupul de lucru EAC al uniunilor de locatari se va ├«nt├ólni pentru a discuta despre cele mai recente experien╚Ťe de organizare local─â ╚Öi despre viitorul schimburilor ╚Öi colabor─ârilor ├«ntre grupurile activiste din diverse ora╚Öe. ├Änt├ólni╚Ťi-v─â cu organizatori din toat─â Europa ╚Öi face╚Ťi cuno╚Ötin╚Ť─â cu colectivele lor.

4. Atelier de lucru pentru a pune cap─ât lipsei de ad─âpost
├Än cadrul ultimei ├«nt├ólniri EAC am ini╚Ťiat un nou grup de lucru pentru “a pune cap─ât lipsei de ad─âpost”. ├Än cadrul acestui atelier vom discuta despre cum vom proceda ├«n practic─â av├ónd ├«n vedere proclama╚Ťia UE de a pune cap─ât lipsei de ad─âpost ├«n 2030 ╚Öi alegerile pentru Parlamentul European de anul viitor.


Ateliere deschise publicului

  • 14:00 – 17:00 / Loca╚Ťie: Str: Casa Tranzit

5. Manifestul feminist al EAC
Importan╚Ťa fundamental─â a problemelor ╚Öi luptelor feministe ├«n mi╚Öc─ârile pentru locuire ╚Öi dreptul la ora╚Ö am ilustrat-o ├«n textul nostru de 8 martie din acest an. ├Än acest atelier vom discuta strategii prin care vom aprofunda vizibilitatea acestor aspecte ├«n luptele noastre zilnice.

6. Locuin╚Ťe ╚Öi justi╚Ťie climatic─â
├Än ultima vreme, EAC a fost invitat─â de c─âtre tovar─â╚Öii din mi╚Öcarea pentru justi╚Ťie climatic─â la multe discu╚Ťii despre cum s─â convergem mi╚Öc─ârile. Similitudinile, dar ╚Öi diferen╚Ťele ├«ntre mi╚Öc─ârile noastre sunt evidente. ├Än acest atelier vom vorbi despre experien╚Ťe locale ╚Öi planificare strategic─â ╚Öi vom ├«ncerca s─â dezvolt─âm idei noi pentru pa╚Öi concre╚Ťi ├«n viitor.

7. Locuin╚Ťe publice ╚Öi sociale
├Än trecut EAC a avut mai multe ini╚Ťiative privind locuin╚Ťele publice ╚Öi sociale ca alternativ─â non-profit la regimul locativ dominat de pia╚Ť─â, subordonat intereselor acumul─ârii de capital. ├Än martie 2019, ├«n Cluj, mai multe grup─âri ale coali╚Ťiei au lansat Manifestul European Pentru Locuin╚Ťe Publice, prezentat ├«ntr-o adunare public─â. ├Än 2021, EAC a realizat ╚Öi promovat o serie de videouri privind istoria, prezentul ╚Öi viitorul locuin╚Ťelor sociale ├«n Europa. Este timpul s─â reg├óndim aceast─â revendicare.


Proiec╚Ťie de film ╚Öi discu╚Ťie

  • 18.00 – 20.00 / Eveniment public (3) / Loca╚Ťie: Sala de filmare ╚Öi discu╚Ťii – Casa Tranzit

Extras din filmul documentar “Disloc─âri – rutele evacu─ârilor spre strada Cantonului (1996-2016)”: “Disloc─âri” ilustreaz─â modul ├«n care politicile post-socialiste au dus la deposedarea locativ─â a romilor pauperiza╚Ťi ├«n Cluj-Napoca. ├Änainte de 1990, ace╚Ötia apar╚Ťineau clasei muncitoare, iar ├«n contextul form─ârii capitalismului ├«n Rom├ónia au fost afecta╚Ťi de un proces de precarizare at├ót ├«n lumea muncii, c├ót ╚Öi ├«n cea a locuirii. Ionic─â, Leontina, Babi, Sandu, Ligia, Katalin ╚Öi Gelu ne ajut─â s─â cartografiem modul ├«n care disloc─ârile lor succesive s-au petrecut ├«n timp ╚Öi spa╚Ťiu ├«ntre 1996-2016 ├«n ora╚Öul Cluj, sf├ór╚Öind ├«n a╚Öezarea lor pe strada Cantonului. ├Äncarnat─â ├«n istoriile lor personale, politica na╚Ťional─â de locuire marcat─â de privatizare, comodificare, financiarizare ╚Öi reducerea dramatic─â a stocului de locuin╚Ťe sociale a fost ├«nt─ârit─â de politicile locale discriminatorii de alocare a locuin╚Ťelor publice. Ca urmare a acestora din urm─â, municipalitatea a selectat categoriile de persoane preconizate a merita s─â locuiasc─â ├«n ora╚Ö, ├«mping├ónd ├«n acela╚Öi timp etnicii romi s─âraci ├«n condi╚Ťii de locuire caracterizate de insecuritate ╚Öi priva╚Ťiuni materiale severe. Zona ├«n care ace╚Ötia sunt tolera╚Ťi p├ón─â c├ónd terenul nu va c─âp─âta valoare imobiliar─â face parte din Pata R├ót, un teritoriu din apropierea gropii de gunoi a ora╚Öului care g─âzduie╚Öte ├«n prezent aproximativ 1 500 de persoane supuse ghetoiz─ârii.

Vizionarea fragmentelor din filmul documentar va fi urmat─â de o discu╚Ťie despre lupta antirasist─â pentru dreptate locativ─â cu Maria Stoica, Linda Greta, Enik┼Ĺ Vincze (C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM!), Nicoleta Vi╚Öan (FCDL), Eugen Ghi╚Ť─â (RomaJust) – moderator: dr: George Zamfir

Luni, 1 mai

Adunare deschis─â

  • 10:00 – 13:00 / Loca╚Ťie: Casa Tranzit

În această adunare finală vom aduna scurte feedback-uri de la atelierele și sesiunile grupurilor de lucru de sâmbătă și duminică și vom lua colectiv decizii cu privire la ceea ce vom face în următoarele 6 luni. În perioada care urmează, vom transfera energia adunării noastre din Cluj în lumea online.


Solidaritate transfrontalier─â pentru locuin╚Ťe ╚Öi munc─â f─âr─â exploatare: s─ârb─âtorirea interna╚Ťionalismului de 1 Mai

14.00-18.00 / Eveniment public (4) / Loca╚Ťie: Pia╚Ťa Unirii/Parcul Central

Credem ├«n puterea solidarit─â╚Ťii transna╚Ťionale! Afirm─âm c─â drepturile la munc─â ╚Öi la locuin╚Ť─â trebuie s─â fie c├ó╚Ötigate ├«mpreun─â pentru a asigura un trai adecvat pentru to╚Ťi. Pentru c─â munca precar─â ╚Öi prost pl─âtit─â ne limiteaz─â accesul la o locuin╚Ť─â adecvat─â. Pentru c─â lipsa unei locuin╚Ťe adecvate pune ├«n pericol for╚Ťa noastr─â de munc─â. Exploatarea for╚Ťei de munc─â a claselor lucr─âtoarea trebuie s─â ├«nceteze, ├«mpreun─â cu extragerea profitului din nevoia lor de locuin╚Ťe. Ziua Interna╚Ťional─â a Muncii ne reaminte╚Öte c─â luptele noastre locale trebuie s─â se uneasc─â ├«ntr-o lupt─â interna╚Ťional─â pentru o societate liber─â de exploatare ╚Öi deposedare.

> 14.00-15.30 Adunare ╚Öi discursuri ├«n Pia╚Ťa Unirii
(despre semnifica╚Ťia Zilei Interna╚Ťionale a Muncii pentru EAC, problemele interdependente ale muncii/salariilor ╚Öi costurile locuirii, conexiuni ├«ntre drepturie muncii ╚Öi cele ale locuirii, rela╚Ťia dintre munca precar─â ╚Öi locuirea inadecvat─â, posibilit─â╚Ťi de colaborare ├«ntre mi╚Öc─âri muncitore╚Öti ╚Öi mi╚Öc─âri locative). C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM! va lansa nr. 19 al ziarului local pentru dreptate locativ─â, C─âr─âmida.
C─â╚Öi sociale ACUM! Cluj, Antieviction Berlin, Aslido Cehia, Bond Precaire Woonvormen Amsterdam, Community Action Tenants Union (CATU) Irlanda, DAL Paris, FCDL Bucure╚Öti, Habita Lisabona, Habita├ž├úo Hoje Porto, Halem Fran╚Ťa, Ort Till Ort Suedia, PAH Spania, Syndicat des immenses Bruxels, Sindicat de Llogateres Barcelona, Solidarity Network/Cipru, Stop Evictions/ En Commun Viena, SoWo Leipzig eG, Tenants Initiative Praga, Unitarian Initiative/Atena, ZA Krov nad glavom [The Roof] Belgrad, Pravo na grad [Right to the City] Zagreb

> 15.30-16.30 Mar╚Ö din Pia╚Ťa Unirii p├ón─â ├«n Parcul Central al ora╚Öului
(cu bannere ╚Öi slogane care vor fi realizate diminea╚Ťa)

> 16.30-18.00 Picnic comunitar în Parcul Central
(vino cu coșul tău)

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