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Book Launch: How can we combat evictions? ”Handbook of Resistance Tactics Against Evictions ”

Posted by European Action Coalition on 2 May 2023

Speakers: the authors involved in the production of the book: The United Bloc for Housing in Romania (Social Housing NOW, FCDL, Droit à la ville, ERomnja, RomaJust), Anti-eviction Berlin, Sindicat de Llogaretes (Barcelona), Habita (Lisbon), The Roof (Belgrade), A Város Mindenkié (Budapest), moderator: Nóra Ugron 


In May and June 2022, Social Housing NOW, the Cluj group, organised a series of workshops on the fight against evictions. Different collectives from Romania and all over Europe were invited and a booklet was created from these 12 events. This public event was the launch party for the handbook.

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