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What is your mayor doing at the MIPIM?

Posted by European Action Coalition on 4 March 2023

Webinar! Wednesday 15th of February 6pm – 8pm CET [language english]


📣 One month before the MIPIM, the biggest real estate fair in the world which happening in Cannes/ France, the European Action Coalition for the right to housing and to the city (EAC) will organize a public webinar with the scholar Antoine Guironnet1Antoine Guironnet is a researcher at Center for European Studies and comparative Politics at Sciences Po in Paris an is a specialist of the finacialization of urban capitalism. who published in 2022 the study ‘Au marché des métropoles‘ (on the market of metropolises) on the MIPM. It is the place where public authorities meet developers, real estate agents, consultants, investors, architects and urban planners. In this “speed-dating” of the so-called real estate market, the common land – our cities – are put “on sale” by public actors trying to attract private investments in their territories.

ℹ️ The webinar will have two parts of presentation, each one following Q&A:
  •  What is the MIPIM? Who attends it? What are its latest trends: topics and questions that are addressed, potential territories of investment?
  •  What are the social and economic impacts of MIPIM in our cities?
💥 In the third part the EAC will present its plans for intervention in the MIPIM 2023 and also the call for decentralized actions in the cities and regions that are presenting themselves in Cannes. Our main goal is to bring to public what is happening behind closed doors at the MIPIM in Cannes as well as invite people, groups and movements to participate in the decentralized mobilization ‘What are you doing at the MIPIM?’ which will confront municipal authorities in the week from 13th to 17th of March.
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