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[Webinar] Global housing crisis: neo-liberal onslaught on housing right and the World Habitat Day

Posted by European Action Coalition on 30 September 2023

➡️ 🔥 Online forum organized by LUPA from the Philippines with BCGEU and Vancouver & District Labour Council from Canada and EAC member groups!

SUNDAY // 1st of OCTOBER // 8 am CEST // video below 👇

On sunday 1st of october EAC participated in a webinar on housing struggles in occasion of the World Habitat Day. We gratefully followed the invitation of the organizers from LUPA-Pilipinas, a federation of organizations of urban poor or informal settlers, which is the lead organization for the Tri sectoral Campaign for the Right to Adequate Housing in the Philippines. LUPA-Pilipinas is with a worker’s organization- WPL and an organization of small fishers, PANGISDA, in this tri-sectoral effort.

The situation in the Philippines is the following: out of the 113 million population, 70 million Filipinos or 14 million families live in substandard housing; of that 70 million, 4.5 million are considered homeless, including at least 246,000 street chlldren; and out of that 4.5 million or 1 million families over 3 million are in Metro Manila. That is why LUPA is organizing two weeks of action similar to the Housing Action Days in Europe.

There were speakers from the British Columbia General Employees’ Union (BCGEU) and the Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC) from Canada. From our part the EAC participated with representatives of the London Renters Union, Sindicat de llogateres (Barcelona) and DAL – Droit Au Logement (France).

We’re glad to have participated in another transnational exchange, discussing local struggles for the right to housing. It’s also been fantastic to meet organizations from the labor movement during this event. Thanks for all the informative inputs and the fruitful discussions!

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