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The Bond Precaire Woonvormen (BPW) was established with the purpose to claim the right to live in the city, where renting is increasingly becoming temporary, uncertain or too expensive. A risk that the growth of the precarious forms of housing entails is that the indefinite renting contract with full rental rights and a healthy, well-functioning social housing stock is under pressure to conform with the free market. As a result, the stock of available social housing units is gradually diminishing, and the rental contracts are now short-term. Home seekers are increasingly finding themselves in almost lawless situations. The Bond Precaire Woonwormen (BPW) has been an active voluntary association since 2010 and fights to keep the long-term social housing spaces available for everyone. Specifically, the BPW organizes tenants in solidarity networks, offers advice regarding legal issues and provides moral support to flex residents who want to stand up for their rights.

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