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A week of resistance: first Global Climate Strike then Housing Action Day!

Posted by European Action Coalition on 25 March 2022

This week we will see another ‘Global Climate Strike’, for which people all over the world will take to the streets for climate justice. Also this week more than 50 actions will happen in cities all over Europe for the ‘Housing Action Day’. Two big social movements converge!

The climate crisis and the housing crisis are deeply interrelated and are bound to worsen if the business as usual continues to place profit over people. Capitalism is not only robbing us of a decent place to live, through evictions or inadequate and out-of-reach housing, but it is destroying homes and disrupting livelihoods everywhere on the globe, due to climate change.

As extreme weather events will become more and more common, disproportionately affecting already marginalised communities, we must fight against any so-called “solution” that will further impoverish people even if these are supposedly “green”. Housing struggles and climate struggles both consider space (local and global) as a common issue, not an issue of a few rich and privileged.

Just like we demand in the call for Housing Action Day 2022, we need alternative housing models built so as to be climate-neutral and free of the market forces, we need to requisition all vacant buildings, and we need to oppose any  “development” that further gentrifies our cities. We demand our right to housing, our right to the public space, and our freedom of to live in decent conditions, no matter where one is coming from.

This is why the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City fights side by side with the environmental movement and all climate justice activists! We are in this together and in the future we would love to further converge our struggles for dignified living conditions on a livable planet. Join your local Climate Strike! Participate to the HAD 2022 ! Let’s make our demands heard and take action!

#PeoplenotProfit #SystemChangenotClimateChange #HousingActionDay #GlobalClimateStrike

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