Encounter Athens

Encounter Athens is a group of young researchers who live and work in Athens and deal with urban and spatial issues. The group aims to formulate and voice a “critical / alternative” discourse for the city, while arguing for a just city (“another city is possible”). The group was formed in 2010 when, in the context of an escalating crisis affecting the majority of Athens’ residents, the need for a critical discourse for the centre of Athens was very much felt, also in order to counter the distortions promoted by dominant discourses. Aiming (ideally) for a just city and for ensuring decent living conditions for all, the group considers that it is essential to voice timely concerns and claims, to develop and facilitate collective action and to demand the re-activation of state and public intervention in a broad range of sectors affecting urban everyday life. Encounter Athens has been part of the European Coalition for the Right to housing since its first creation in spring 2013.

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Athens, Greece