Next European Action Coalition meeting hosted by the Mouvment Against Foreclosures in Cyprus | November 2017


The Movement Against Foreclosures, as a member of the European Action Coalition within the framework of the European actions of the movement and for the right to the housing and the city, is hosting the meeting of the Coalition from 9 to 12 of November. The struggle against privatization of land, the financialization of roof, and generally built spaces is not an individual struggle of isolated groups movements or persons. It is the collective reaction of movements that share the same aspirations. This is why we meet; to share, exchange skills and experience and carry on launching campaigns for the promotion of our right to housing and the city.

It is very important not only for the movement to show that it is part of a bigger struggling movement but for the suffering Cypriots to be aware of this, a fact through which they will gain courage and stamina for more struggle. They will feel that solidarity is not an abstract word but something real that embraces the whole of Europe, as we are all victims of the same neoliberal policies that result in the loss of housing unemployment, restriction of income and pauperization. I n the frame of the meeting we will have an action on Friday 10th of November. We will meet outside the COOP CENTRAL BANK OF CYPRUS to express our opposition to the agreement between the COOP BANK and ALTAMIRA. We continue to the EUROPEAN HOUSE from where all the neoliberal policies are taken.

We will stop in front of the HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT. We will meet the president of the house of parliament and deliver our demands, and ask them to change the laws to protect people and not the banks.

We are looking forward to meet you in Cyprus and we are sure that the meeting will be new starting point for all our movements, new actions, and new decisions and campaigns.