Call for support for Apollo House

Apollo House is contacting us, to ask for your  group or organisation to support the Apollo House action in any or all of the following ways:


  1. Sign on to the Statement of Support for Apollo House (see below)

  2. Add an individual statement of support linking your work to the wider housing crisis

  3. Support the letter to Michael Noonan at:

  4. Pledge to participate in a day of action on 11 Jan in any way you can. (eg, direct action, support action on social media, or directly support action at the Apollo)



Apollo House is an action to intervene in the housing crisis and save lives. Apollo House, a building that has been left vacant for 6 years was opened to people who were otherwise sleeping rough on the streets. Apollo House is home to 40 residents and has seen over a 1000 people volunteering their time over the Christmas period. The action was taken as a response to the deaths on our streets. The action was taken to ensure dignity for people left vulnerable and unsupported by government. The action was taken as a creative response to a dire situation. We believe that this crisis is not about resources but about lack of political will to put the needs of the people above private interest.

Residents’ needs:

Apollo Residents represent the most vulnerable in our society.  No matter what their background, they must be given access to state support.  Apollo House provides Holistic Needs Assessments which includes educational and health needs, but Residents need the Irish State to fulfil the role that Apollo House is currently providing in identifying and meeting these diverse needs.  Nobody should have to go back onto the streets or to unsuitable hostels after January 11th.


We support Apollo House. We believe the actions of the homeless, activists and volunteers in occupying and running Apollo House are valuable and necessary to provide homes for homeless people while also forcing the government to address the issue of homelessness and the broader housing emergency. Apollo House has become a symbol of people power, a space of dignity and justice and we stand with them in solidarity.


You can pledge your support by responding to the email or you can fill in the online form:

International Solidarity for Apollo House sign-up form: