Apollo House Occupation Home Sweet Home

On December 15th 2016 a group of concerned citizens occupied Apollo House, an unused NAMA owned building in Dublin's city centre.
Our friends and allies from the Irish Housing Network are part of an amazing action in Dublin - taking over an empty building controlled by the vile state-supported NAMA bank, and turning it into a home and support for those who are homeless.
They've been occupying since some weeks, and have already provided shelter for over 30 people and are building capacity for more. They've engaged key workers, mental health support and other health professionals to provide support. They've put on gigs and peer support groups. They've raised over 100,000 euros. They've gathered hundreds of volunteers and have had so many donations of bedding food and furniture they've had to stop accepting any more. 
Everyone has the right to a safe and secure home. No one should die on the streets, or be left vulnerable in a society which has resources in abundance for all. We second the campaigners' call that this housing crisis is a crisis of political will, and stand with them in their action to turn an empty building, owned by the despicable bank NAMA, into a homefor those abandoned by the government.'
Please do send message of support from your own groups if you want, you can send them to:
And if anyone can donate cash, here's the page:
Would also be awesome if people can spread the word on social media.