A brief report from the “European Summer University for Social Movements” | Toulouse | 23 - 27 August 2017

The summer University was quite well organized but it seemed that had less participants than other years and more that 50% coming from France. It also had a low participation off younger people. On the other hand the workshops where really interesting and the discussion was going deep in the subjects.

As Coalition we participated and co-organize two workshops.  The first more orientated in the housing policies and the results of certain capitalistic choices in the different countries discussing issues as the gentrification mechanisms, the land and house grabbing through the renovation policies, the stronger class division in space with big interventions in changing the  synthesis of the people living in a neighborhood especially in the city centers. Part of the discussion was the touristification and the enormous housing problems that causes in the most touristic areas. We try to agree in the description of the problems and the causes and going a little through the tools we have to face them and the alliances we need

The second workshop was more orientated in the finacialization issues generally but also more specific in different countries. We had a very interesting presentation about the land and house grabbing in Africa where the traditional relation with the land was a matter of the community. From the examples in the different countries was clear that the big capital is very much oriented in taking big profits from land investments and that there is a strong interest of the capitalist in space control. Part of this policies is the spread of loans and indebtness of millions of people. It was clear to all that is important to enforce our movements and the solidarity between with interactions and sharing knowledge and any other specific support. We need to agree and promote a common  charter in housing and city rights.