STOP war not people!

Take action


> Organize yourself with neighbours, friends, classmates: spread active solidarity through demonstrations, solidarity collections of food and clothes, and actions…

> Spread the message! use the hashtag #StopWarNotPeople and share the logo!

> Boycott companies and institutions that support wars and racism

> Collect information and statistics - share them!

> Step in! Make a selfie or a small video with the hashtag #StopWarNotPeople


Stop war and those who fuel it; those who send weapons to conflict zones, finance armies and mercenaries, and devastate territories through the logic of exploitation and profit. Stop the racism that destroys the lives of millions around the world, and then tries to shut out those escaping the devastation. Stop the walls, the rejections, the war between the poor, the fear, the scapegoating of black people come to steal homes, work, or identity. Stop war, not people. Welcome people, those who run because all hope was taken from them and those who dream and hope for something better. Because if we are sure that financial speculation and the big weapons and oil companies can never guarantee the interests of the population, we are also convinced that what can is solidarity from below, exchange, and collective participation in the territories that we choose to live in.

The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City is supporting this campaign because of the impact of racism and imperialism on our members organising for housing rights across the continent. It is black and brown people who are most likely to be poorly housed, and who have least recourse to support from racist state institutions. Nationalist declarations of war from power-holders lead to an amplification of racist violence in our cities, the deepening of islamophobia, and the rejection of any difference - we will not tolerate this prejudice. Those seeking asylum, some due to the destruction of their homes, some due to other oppressions they face, are imprisoned or crammed into substandard housing. Many migrating for work, following the resources stolen from their land, are in the least secure tenures. Working together we can stop evictions and begin to build resilient communities together, communities that outlast the hot topics of the media and support those bearing the brunt of racist austerity.