European Housing Action Camp 2018 | 21 – 25.09.2018 | Lisbon

         Join the struggle against the marketisation of housing and the exploitation of residents across Europe! Hands off our homes, no more evictions ! No more speculation!  Housing is not a market, housing is more than a right!          Get organised for the European Housing Action Camp in Lisbon this September! The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and to the City brings togethe...

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European action at EU Commission office in Milano

  Milano, 13.04.2018   Today members of the European Action Coalition (EAC) picketed the offices of the European parliament and European Commission in Milan to highlight the direct responsibility the EU has in preventing the free access to housing for all regardless of their legal status and to demand the EU stop its complicity in the destruction of social and public housing carried upon by global finance and national governments.   The coalition comprises 30 member organizat...

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#BalanceTaRequisition! March, Sunday 14th January, 3PM, Paris

French below #BalanceTaRequisition  ! (GrassUpYourRequisition) March Sunday 14th January 3PM Square Marie Curie Paris 13e 17 Bd de l’Hôpital - M° Gare d'Austerlitz     Mr. MACRON said on December 31 in his vows: "I want us to be able ti give a roof to all those who are homeless" On July 27, 2017, he had already said  "By the end of the year, I do not want to have women and men in the streets, in the woods or lost any more". There have never been so m...

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