Stop MIPIM - Take the fight to the speculators!

MIPIM, the world’s leading real estate fair (Marche International des Professionels d’Immobilier) took place in Cannes, France this week. Despite being the key focus of the trade press globally, it avoids scrutiny in mainstream and social media - with a ticket price of €1890 our cities are being sold behind closed doors. With widespread austerity regimes, developers can lure in politicians with the promise of investment. One session, the Mayors and Political Leaders’ thi...

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Athens protest against electronic auctions

After a  well organaized protest by the social mouvement Stop Auctions in the courts every Wednesday, that didn't allow any auction to go on, the greek state decided to make a new law  for electronic auctions!!! The movement against actions still resists. Yesterday we had a demonstration in front of ministry of Justice against this new law, demanding the protection of the house and a big hair cut of the depts of the most week people. The electronic auctions will be a dissaster ...

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A developer sues DAL and 2 activistes of Jeudi Noir for 800 000 euros - Trial on Monday 6th March

(français en dessous) Droit Au Logement – JEUDI NOIR RELEASE Paris, 2 March 2017 A developer demands 2.7 million euros   from DAL and 2 activists from Jeudi Noir … Trial Monday 6th March TRIAL MONDAY 6 MARch Gathering at 9 am in front of the law court – métro Cité Since four years, a Spanish developer has been asking the DAL and 2 activists from Jeudi Noir for 2.7 million euros for alleged damage, following the occupation by homeless people ...

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