Initiative Ne da(vi)mo Beograd* brings together organizations and individuals interested in urban and cultural policies, sustainable city development, fair use of common resources, and the involvement of citizens in the urban development of their environment. We are a group of people of various profiles, interests and beliefs, gathered around a common goal: putting an end to the degradation and plunder of Belgrade on behalf of megalomaniacal urban and architectural projects, primarily the “Belgrade Waterfront” project. We are determined to fight against the appropriation of parts of our city for the private interests of non-transparent actors, for whose expenditures, once again, we, the citizens of this country, would have to allocate vast amounts of money. We refuse the constant disregard and contempt for citizens’ voices and opinions in the face of the private interests of individuals and shady deals between investors and politicians, in which, ultimately, the public good and public funds always end up as collateral damage.

This city is our home. We are responsible for each of its parts, processes, and problems, both for the present and for the future we will leave. We invite all interested to join us and help us achieve our goals. The initiative is funded by the voluntary contributions of the participants, as well as the individuals and organizations that support our activities, ideas and goals.

* The name is an untranslatable play on certain Serbian words. The brackets suggest two sentences, one meaning “We’re not giving Belgrade away” and the other “Do not sink Belgrade”.