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We (Bydlet-žít/Housing-Living) are an activist group, which formed in reaction to unbearable increasing of rents, that society is facing nowadays.

First of all we struggle for building enough of reasonably priced flats to make housing significantly cheaper. By cutting the prices of housing we want to fundamentally contribute to solution of poverty, which is tightly bonded to housing. We also fight for improving living conditions of young people, which don’t have any inherited property nor had they an opportunity to cheaply privatize a house or a flat. Apart from that we push for a meaningful use for empty houses and we are trying to face the process of gentrification of city centers.

To achieve these goals we are trying to medialise the problem of unachievable housing, and by that making constant pressure on the government or municipalities. Because of that we organise demonstrations, happenings and petition stands.

Because the solution of the housing crisis can come only from a broad discussion, we are trying to start a society-wide debate about causes and consequences of this problem. That’s why we also write articles and publications and organise debates and conferences.

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